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  • Products with master resale rights - These are products you can resell and pass on the resale rights to your customers.

  • Products with resale rights - These are products you can resell as your own.

  • Products with private label rights. - These are products you can edit anyway you want. Add your name to them, modify them with extra or better content, etc.

  • Special products for your personal use. - These are nice bonus products that you can not resell but for your own use only. Perfect training material and great software products.

  • Private label articles. - A ton of content for creating websites and blogs. The site even has ready to use adsense sites and header graphics.

  • Videos and Training Portal - As a great membership should it has a training area to make learning this business as easy as possible.

  • Web Hosting - A very important and usually a very expensive part of this business is provided free with membership. Read more about this important aspect below...

The Importance of a Resell Rights Friendly Web Host...

For normal content websites a good host is a dime a dozen. There is plenty of good and cheap webhosts out there that will do the job.

BUT... For a resell rights business it is different... VERY DIFFERENT!

Your resell rights business involves the ability for you to upload large zip files (your products) to your host so that your customers can download them after purchase. Most basic web hosting accounts will not allow files above 50 meg and if you read their Terms of Service they frown upon storing too many files on the server and you will certainly run into issues if too many people download them at once. You need a more expensive web hosting account for this type of business.

This is one of the main reasons I highly recommend the resale rights membership site I am going to show you - because a resell rights friendly hosting account comes with your membership.

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This has to be the most affordable way to enter into business online...

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